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Rhyme on Time

Academy of Distinction has the pleasure to present Rhyme On Time, an English language workshop dedicated to primary and secondary school students. Rhyme On Time introduces a new approach to learning English in a fun and stimulating way with Jason R. Levine, also known as Fluency MC. Jason is a native English speaker from the United States with 25 years of experience as an English teacher, teacher trainer, and content creator.


The Workshop

Jason teaches English through rap songs he writes specially for English learners. His method and materials have earned recognition throughout the world. Over the past three years, Rhyme On Time has met with great success in 14 countries in Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

During the 90-minute workshop, Jason performs and interacts directly with students using his songs and videos. Students develop and practice their reading, listening, and-especially-their speaking skills.

The workshop is highly motivating. It gets students excited to practice English and helps them build the communicative skills they need to become accurate and fluent speakers. It also makes it easier for them to remember vocabulary and difficult features of grammar and pronunciation.

Most importantly, Rhyme On Time develops students’ confidence. They feel more comfortable using English and, as a result, they learn faster and more effectively.

Before a Rhyme On Time event, teachers can share the videos and lyrics with their students. And after the workshop, students can continue to use the materials as well as follow and chat with Jason in social media.

Rhyme On Time has attracted the attention of both local and international media. Over the next year more than 100 workshops have been scheduled at schools worldwide.




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Jason R Levine 


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